Why RAP Systems?

20 years of industrial automation

RAP Systems is part of the RAP Group providing automation and process control solutions since 2002

Automation technologies only leave people more room for innovation by relieving them of repetitive, tedious and error-prone tasks.



Years of continuous specialization


Countries we had projects in


Colleagues who are part of #TeamRAP


Completed projects with high customer satisfaction


Group partners and suppliers 

Experts with team spirit

RAP Systems has grown with its team of engineers, technicians and experts in various sectors of activity.

What drives us

Solid partnerships

Whether it's clients, collaborators or partners we build solid relationships based on trust, open communication and commitment in every project.

Continuous development

We grow with each project that we customize to our client's requirements. We are inventive in identifying the most effective solutions, therefore each request is a unique approach for us.

Technological performance

We have built teams of dedicated professionals in each field of activity. They are passionate about technology and are always attentive to details.


We combine technology with experience

For RAP Systems, automation is a tool that combines the innovation and vision of our engineers with process control. Innovation is one of the key elements that differentiate us.


We believe in partnership as a fundamental element for the success of a project. That's why we position ourselves as a consultant, always looking for the most suitable and efficient solution for each individual project. We adapt the command and control systems according to the client's needs and maintain active communication throughout the project.

Relevant experience

We have developed our skills to manage complex projects in over 20 years of activity in industrial automation and process control. We are proud of global projects in various industries for which we have respected the most demanding quality standards.

Continuous innovation

In technology, the only constant is change. We are connected to the most modern technologies and propose solutions completely adapted to the client's needs. We have experience in various industries and carry out projects with a high degree of customization.

RAP Group

RAP Group înglobează o serie de companii cu expertiză diferită, însă care lucrează în sinergie perfectă pentru domenii precum: lucrări generale de construcții, instalații electrice, termice și sanitare sau tehnologie de proces pentru industrii curate.

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