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Pneumatic transport systems

The pneumatic transport system is controlled by an industrial computer. 

The capsules are transported fully automatically to the desired destination, using different types of stations, which are chosen according to the customer’s needs and applications.



Any component with a maximum weight of 28 Kg, a maximum diameter of 30 cm and a maximum length of 50 cm can be transported quickly and in complete safety.

  • Paper documents and radiographs
  • Coins and Banknotes
  • Medicines
  • Tools and spare parts
  • Laboratory samples with applications in all fields (medical, industrial, agricultural, food)
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The benefits of the pneumatic transport system

• Direct employee interaction is limited
• The transport routes made daily by employees are reduced
• Allows easy disinfection of the capsules and the entire system
• The development of viruses/bacteria is reduced by using antibacterial tubing.
• A special capsule can be used for additional disinfection of the system.
• HEPA air filters can be used to reduce and filter up to 99% of contaminated air transfer between areas.

Capsule identification (RFID)

• Mainly used for shipment identification and return of capsules to their shipping address.<br>
• Allows obtaining a shipment report.<br>
• Shipping can only start if a chip capsule is used.<br>
• For an easier identification of the areas in the system, the capsules can be of different colors.<br>

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